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Welcome to Elizondo & Associates - Land Surveying & Mapping, LLC.

A Full Service Land Surveying and Mapping Firm Serving San Antonio, Helotes, Bexar & Surrounding Counties

We Are Registered Professional Land Surveyors. Elizondo & Associates - Land Surveying & Mapping, LLC. is a privately owned and operated full service land surveying and mapping firm based out of San Antonio. We utilize the newest innovative land surveying technology and equipment to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of service. We maintain an expert staff with extensive knowledge and experience so that we may provide our clients with the most professional services available. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality surveying and mapping services to San Antonio, Helotes, Bexar & Surrounding Counties.

Call us to discuss your next project and let us provide the professional services and consulting needed for your success.

San Antonio Land Surveyor Service

San Antonio is one of the country’s largest cities, and it is still growing! Expansion and redevelopment typically requires one or many land surveying services. As San Antonio is expanding, we are expanding to help meet the increasing needs of our clients. Our prompt and accurate land surveys are one of many reasons our company continues to grow. Business and private clients depend on our superior results delivered by a team of highly trained professionals to help them expand in San Antonio.

We are among San Antonio’s most trusted land surveying companies due to our professional surveying teams and advanced equipment. Our commitment to client satisfaction and accuracy continues to yield accurate surveys that are well documented and trusted across all types of public and private organizations. We are one of the few companies able to complete land surveys for both public and private organizations in San Antonio thanks to our professional and highly trained surveying teams.

An Elizondo & Associates land surveyor is a true San Antonio professional who is results oriented. We work in almost all weather to complete your project. We travel great distances for many of our clients to ensure the project is completed professionally. We enjoy producing accurate and timely surveys for our clients that trust our reputation.

Our enthusiasm stems from our passion to survey and map the land in and around San Antonio. Our surveying teams enjoy the outdoors, helping clients, and accurately surveying the land. We enjoy being outdoors and therefore don’t rush projects. Land surveying is one of the very few professions where both the client and land surveyor are part of the project. We take pride in providing long standing and trustworthy relationships by providing honest and excellent land surveying and consulting services to each and every client.

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San Antonio, Helotes, Bexar & Surrounding Counties Land Title Surveys

Elizondo & Associates - Land Surveying & Mapping, LLC. of San Antonio specializes in Texas Land Title Surveys. We have the experience to meet fast deadlines and provide our clients complete satisfaction. We offer the most competitive prices found in San Antonio, Helotes, Bexar and surrounding counties while providing excellent professional field work and highly appealing maps. Please use our online order form to assist you in receiving your complete professional Land Title Survey package.

Guaranteed Satisfaction Land Surveying

We are confident that our clients will be fully satisfied at that end of any land surveying project an Elizondo & Associates team member performs! Our confidence is grounded in years or experience, superior work ethic, and passion to exceed expectations time and time again. From beginning to end we ensure the project moves smoothly according to your needs and industry best practices. Throughout the entire surveying project we ensure there is a way for you to contact us with questions or comments. Your satisfaction is very important to us. To that end we have made available email, phone, and ourselves to discuss any questions or comments.


San Antonio Elevation Certificates

We utilize the newest and most innovative technology and equipment to provide our clients with the most cost effective Elevation Certificates found in San Antonio, Helotes, Bexar and surrounding counties. Our highly competitive rates for Elevation Certificates are the best in Bexar County. Please use our online order form to order your Elevation Certificate.

Experienced San Antonio Land Surveyors You Can Rely On

One of the most over looked characteristics of choosing a land surveyor is the experience behind the professional, and reliability of the company. We pride ourselves on years of developing a well-seasoned land surveying company to serve San Antonio, Bexar, and surrounding counties. Our willingness to go above and beyond what the project calls for ensures superior results while developing an ever wider spectrum of land surveying experience. We are tried and tested land surveying professionals that leverage our experience to ensure our results are always superior at a fair price. We approach each land surveying project with a fresh set of eyes that are focused on delivering a comprehensive and accurate surveys. Our experience is one of our biggest assets which guide us during all our projects for each client throughout Texas. The commitment and dedication of our staff, surveyors, and management team continues to drive the company forward into bigger projects while still maintaining efficiency and promptness.

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